Shark Appeal / False Bay

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dur: 11min 45sec
dir: Lee Otten Sharon Farr
dop: Lee Otten

In this film we spend time with her on a boat off the coast of Seal Island in False Bay, surrounded by seals and the Great White sharks that prey on them.  We observe at close quarters the jaws that strike fear in most ordinary people.  To Alison, however, these creatures are to be treated with respect, and to be recognized as an essential element of healthy and balanced marine ecosystems. In addressing human safety in recreational use of the sea, measures taken should not compromise effective shark conservation.  Such a method is the shark spotting programme.  We meet Monwabisi Sikweyiya, manager of this programme, who tells us about a trusted system that has been developed to warn bathers and surfers when a shark has been spotted.  However, not all sharks are as fearsome as the top predator Great White.  Alison takes us on a dive and introduces us to a few gentler species of shark in the magical underwater environment at Pyramid Rock in the Table Mountain National Park.  



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