Sharing ideas and information

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it is told through the medium of film.   CareTakers uses documentary film to communicate the importance of Nature to all people. It aims to inform and inspire viewers, where, why, and how we need to protect natural systems, identify pressing environmental problems, and halt the ravages to our planet, driven by eco-folly and material greed.

The films we produce are short, personal stories told by champions of biodiversity conservation and people who know the value of nature. They are aimed mainly at young viewers. CareTakers uses a range of platforms, including social networking media, to make its material available to teachers and trainers, and anyone who likes stories told by heroic people.  The films reach their full potential when used in facilitated screenings.


Working with young people for leadership in the environmental sector

The people that CareTakers most want to reach, are the Youth of South Africa.  We have a vision of all young people being inspired by Nature to take care of their own lives, guided by a strong cadre of leaders dedicated to building an environmentally sustainable society.

To this end we engage directly with youth through partner organisations working with them.  Projects include Story Development workshops leading to Participatory Film productions  guided by professional mentors. Once a film is completed, larger numbers of youth are trained as Facilitators to conduct community-based Facilitated Screenings. This participatory  methodolgy is based on an Action-Learning Cycle approach to inspire and mobilise  people to effect meaningful change in their communities.



Why we need to humble ourselves and tell good stories

CareTakers is motivated by an urgent need for humanity to recognize its own place in nature, and to understand the environmental limits to growth. Backed by scientific research and historical records, we know that the global ecosystem that is Earth, is taking a severe beating. Nevertheless, we adopt an optimistic stance regarding flexibility of the human spirit, and inventiveness of its collective intellect. But for these saving graces to play their role in our survival, we need to consolidate a common vision and a clear plan of action. Numerous agencies throughout South Africa and the rest of the world are doing this to protect, conserve and restore natural systems. From these beacons of hope CareTakers takes its cue in selecting the stories that need to be told. In so doing we join the family of those striving to ensure a beautiful, healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.